Who Can Put a Lien on Your House in New York?

Many homeowners have mortgages on their homes, and a mortgage is a lien. There are many types of liens, but mortgage loans are the most common.

A lien gives someone financial claims to a house. While liens are common, they can also complicate a home sale. 

You must repay the liens when you sell a house with a lien in NY. Have you ever wondered who can put liens on properties and why people do this? Are you wondering how liens affect a home sale?

Continue reading this guide to learn about liens on homes in New York.

who can put a lien on a house in new york

Types of Liens in New York

Mortgage liens are common. When you buy a house with a loan, the lender places a lien on the house. This lien gives the lender rights to your home if you fail to pay the mortgage.

The lender can order a foreclosure and keep the money you owe on your mortgage. The lender also requires repayment if you sell the loan. The lien amount changes as you pay down your mortgage balance. 

Here are some other types of liens you may have on your New York property:

Tax Liens

Tax entities can place liens on your house if you fail to pay the taxes you owe. For example, your county or state may place a lien on your house if you have overdue property taxes

The Federal government may place a lien on your house if you owe tax money. 

Mechanic's Liens

Building contractors can also use liens when you owe money. They use mechanic’s liens to place a financial claim on a home.

For example, suppose you hire a contractor to remodel your kitchen. If you owe the contractor money and won’t pay, they can place a mechanic’s lien on your house.

Like all liens, this one requires repayment if you sell your house.

Judgment Liens

judgment lien is another type someone may place on your home. A creditor can place this on your home if a court rules against you in a case. The court must create a judgment for the creditor to file a lien.

Do liens expire? Judgment liens expire 10 years after someone places them on a property. However, a creditor may have the legal right to renew it. 

The Impact of Liens on Selling Your Home

One step in the home-selling process is a title search. A title search is a service that investigates a home’s title. It looks for proof of ownership and liens. 

If a home has liens, a title search will likely detect them. Unfortunately, liens complicate a home title. They also reduce the home seller’s profit. 

As a result, you should consider performing a title search before selling your house. You may consider a lien resolution in New York if you discover liens on your house. You will have to satisfy the debt one way or another.

If you pay the liens before selling the house, it simplifies the sale. If you wait, it complicates it. Liens can pose many problems, including delaying a home sale and impeding your profits.

They can also deter potential buyers. Buyers may decide to back out of real estate purchases if they discover multiple liens on the property. A buyer might view the liens as a hindrance to the sale. 

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Navigating the Complexity of Liens

After discovering liens on your property, you might wonder what to do. The good news is you have several options. The bad news is most resolutions are stressful and costly.

One option is to pay the liens. The liens will drop off the loan if you pay them in full. This option might be costly, depending on how much you owe. 

Another option is to negotiate the liens. Unfortunately, you may need to hire a lawyer to successfully achieve this goal. 

You could also sell a house as-is. This option may allow you to sell the home with all the liens. The buyer takes the house and liens. 

Selling a home as-is will require effective marketing strategies. As a result, you may need to search for an experienced realtor to help you.

We Buy Long Island Homes Fast: The Simple Solution

The simplest way to handle liens on your home is to sell it to cash home buyers in Long Island. A cash home buyer will take the house-liens and all.

The buyer will pay cash for the house in exchange for its title. Additionally, the cash buyer will resolve the liens for you. You will not have to deal with them. 

This option provides a hassle-free way to sell a house with liens. It eliminates the stress and work and provides an instant solution. 

Why Choose A Cash Buyer When You Have Liens

We Buy Long Island Homes Fast offers a quick home sale with liens. This method allows you to sell property fast, regardless of its condition or liens. 

You will not have to pay fees for inspections, commissions, or liens. You will not have to wait to find a buyer. You will not have to remodel your home.

The process is simple and begins with a phone call or inquiry. We offer hassle-free house selling by offering no-obligation quotes. You can take the offer or leave it.

If you take it, we guarantee a fast closing without any stress or hassle. There is no simpler way to sell a house with liens.

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Sell a House With a Lien in NY the Simple Way

Do you want to sell a house with a lien in NY? The easiest way is to sell it as-is to a cash buyer. You can avoid the stress and financial burdens you would have with a traditional home sale. 

We Buy Long Island Homes Fast is the solution. We buy all homes regardless of the lien status. We give homeowners an easy and fast way to sell their homes. 

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