Selling A House Without A Realtor On Long Island: Your Comprehensive Guide

When you sell a house with a real estate agent in Long Island, you pay commission fees from your house sale to a third party. A traditional realtor will take a percentage of your home sale in exchange for help managing the sale process, helping you find buyers, assisting with private showings or open houses, and communications between buyers, buyers agents, and your real estate attorney.

Selling Your House Without A Realtor on Long Island

Although a realtor usually takes commission fees from a percentage of the house sale in Long Island, there are also ways to save money on real estate agents by using a multiple listing service (MLS) to sell a house. This means that your broker will take a flat fee MLS for helping with listing your property but does not offer all traditional realtor services. By doing this, on average, you can save half the typical cost of selling a property.

However, finding a cash buyer is one of the best ways to make money in a Long Island house sale. A cash buyer like is a guaranteed sale at a fair market value, without the hassle of finding a Long Island realtor to help with your New York house sale. This guide will help you discover why working with cash buyers like us through the for sale by owner process can help you sell a house without finding buyers.

The Rise Of Direct Home Sales In Long Island

The Long Island housing market is a seller’s rather than a buyer’s market, which means the seller has the upper hand when negotiating prices in New York. As mortgage interest rates rise and house prices increase, home sellers can charge more money for a property. However, this also means fewer buyers have the money to pay more for a house sale. The median home value in Long Island is $650,000 and has risen by over 3% since last year.

As house prices in Long Island rise, real estate professionals in New York benefit from a seller’s market, as they get more money from the final percentage of your house sale. If you use a full-service agent in Long Island, they will almost always get a percentage of your final sale price. Home sellers are gradually cottoning on to the benefits real estate brokers get from the current local market in New York and are looking for alternatives to a full-service Long Island realtor.

One of the alternatives to New York real estate agents is listing agents or flat fee MLS companies that offer you a flat fee MLS to sell your home. This means they act as a listing agent, with their primary responsibility being listing the property on multiple real estate websites. A listing agent will receive a flat fee in the closing costs for putting up your property on a local multiple listing service rather than a percentage of your house sale as per most real estate transactions.

The demand for real estate in Long Island might be slowing as high mortgage interest rates and rising inflation will price a lot of buyers out of the area. This has led many home sellers to consider selling a house without a realtor through the for sale by owner process, meaning properties are classed as For Sale By Owner or FSBO sellers.  Often people who are selling houses like this will contact local home buyers to give them an offer on their property.

The Benefits Of Bypassing A Real Estate Agent

The main benefit of the sale-by-owner process is that you don’t have to pay a real estate transaction fee or even a flat fee MLS company rate. You can feel confident as an FSBO seller that you will enjoy much lower closing costs when selling without a realtor. Here are the other benefits of selling your house without a realtor in Long Island.

Huge Cost Savings

Most real estate agents will charge you for everything they do for you, from arranging an open house to calling potential buyers in New York. When managing an FSBO sale, you have significantly fewer outgoing costs. Some costs to consider are that you may need to pay the buyer’s agent a competitive buyer’s agent commission in Long Island. This is a value that can be added to your when selling FSBO to encourage local agents to highlight your property to potential buyers in New York.

Quicker Sales Than Selling With Real Estate Agents

In practical terms, a real estate agent is just another person involved in selling a house in New York. They can slow the process simply by being another person in the chain that your buyer’s lender or the person managing your legal aspects and documents must talk to. If you complete a purchase agreement with a cash buyer in New York, the process can go even faster, as you won’t need to wait for your buyer to secure funding and can enjoy the security of a direct purchase.

Control Over The Sale

FSBO sellers can enjoy greater control over the house-buying process. A real estate agent is often a barrier between the seller and potential buyers. Selling a house without a realtor means the buyer’s agent, the real estate attorney, and even the buyer may come to you directly, giving you greater control over the sale.

Sell In As Is Condition

When you sell your house via a local realtor, you will likely need to clean up and invest some money in presenting your property to a potential buyer. The average home seller in New York must undertake some maintenance when working with a listing broker or an agent in Long Island. When you sell as an FSBO seller, you can sell your house in its current condition, which is particularly lucrative when working with a cash buyer who is happy to buy in condition as is in New York.

People selling their house using fsbo

Steps To Successfully Sell Your House Without A Real Estate Agent

You do not need a real estate agent or a flat fee MLS company to sell a house in New York. However, there are some tips for clever real estate when selling your house without a realtor on Long Island.

Pricing Strategy

It’s important to get the pricing of your property right to entice potential home buyers on Long Island. Undertake a comparative market analysis better to understand the market value of homes on Long Island, and also do some research on the buyer’s agent commission in the local area to understand what other sellers are offering on Long Island as part of a home sale. A comparative market analysis will help you determine a fair value for your property in New York.

Effective Marketing

When you sell without a realtor, you will need to consider working on marketing the property yourself. List the property on a multiple listing service, which means it will appear on multiple sites and be visible to more interested buyers. Consider hiring a professional photographer to ensure the photos are taken to the best possible standard in New York. Consider advertising the property through local channels to appeal to local buyers. Look at appealing ways to arrange viewings, like an open house in New York.  Also, make sure to reach out to local Long Island home buying companies.

Understanding The Legal Requirements In Long Island

In New York, you can represent yourself at closing. However, to understand the legal part of the process, you should hire a real estate attorney for your home sale. This means you will get support with all the documents, which is very useful if you’re unfamiliar with legal documents or items like sellers’ disclosures, the purchase agreement, and state and local regulations.

Working Through Challenges As A FSBO Seller

During the selling process, it is natural that there are some challenges to overcome when selling a house without a realtor. Here are some of the challenges you might encounter as an FSBO seller.

happy people because they sold their house to a direct long island house buyer

Ensuring Adequate Exposure To The Right Buyer

Exposing your property to the right local buyers in New York is critical when selling FSBO. It’s also important to leverage a buyer’s agent commission to incentivize the buyer agents to show prospective buyers your property. Clever real estate agents can also help screen prospective buyers before they enter the property so you can feel confident you have the right people attending a viewing. When you are selling independently, this can take a little more time for a seller to do.

Understanding The Buyer And Negotiations

During an FSBO sale, home sellers must undertake the negotiations themselves. This can sometimes be challenging, as you are operating with a solid knowledge of your own home sale but not be privy to the ins and outs of buyer motivation in New York. When selling without a realtor, you must be prepared to negotiate and advertise your property to a buyer agent to incentivize them to highlight your property to potential buyers.

Understanding The Buyer And Negotiations

Working with a real estate attorney in New York is a great way to ensure all the legal boxes are checked without a realtor. However, you can technically represent yourself during closing, which means you will need to thoroughly understand the seller’s responsibility in real estate and what you need to provide as part of the closing costs in New York.

Successful Direct Home Sales On Long Island

Susan Klein

Susan sold her home in Long Island with the support of Mike. The real estate transaction was completed in under a month after a quick phone call with Mike at We Buy Long Island Homes Fast and a record-breaking turnaround in New York.

Jim Clark

Jim Clark is a real estate attorney and investor who works closely with Mike and his sellers. Jim commends Mike for his real estate knowledge and the fair market value of the properties he purchases.

Marissa P

Marissa was able to sell her home in under 30 days, with Mike and his team visiting within 24 hours. Marissa has described this as the most straightforward transaction she has ever made, which is incredible given that property sales can traditionally be a months-long process.

Key Takeaways

We Buy Long Island Homes Fast has a record of easy transactions and quick completions within 30 days in New York. Real estate attorneys and investors trust Mike and his team to sell homes fairly and efficiently.

Should I Partner With A Cash Home Buyer?

Partnering with a cash home buyer can help make every aspect of your house sale more efficient, from the initial call to the closing process. When working with a real estate agent, you must invest in costs like a professional photographer or the hassle of arranging open houses. 

However, when you partner with a cash home buyer like We Buy Long Island Homes Fast, you can enjoy a quick transaction without the hassle of commission fees or using a local MLS service in Long Island.

If you need to move home quickly for work outside of New York or quickly turn around an inherited property in poor condition, a cash home buyer can help you make the process quicker and promptly get you the cash you need.

family selling to a cash buyer without using a long island realtor

Do I Need To Worry About A Buyer's Agent With We Buy Long Island Homes Fast?

Cash home buyers streamline the process, and when you partner with us, you won’t need to worry about appeasing the buyer’s agent or paying the buyer’s agent commission. We offer you a fair price based on the value of your property in Long Island.

Do I Need To Use A Multiple Listing Service With We Buy Long Island Homes Fast?

When you partner with us, we streamline the buying process by quickly coming to assess your property. As you can see from our client reviews, our customers are frequently impressed by our ability to complete the sale process in under a month.

What Resources Are Available For Sale By Owner?

Many online resources help you get the right price for your property in Long Island. Check out sites like Zillow or use online property valuations to get an idea of how much you could get for your property. There are also FSBO sites like Compass, Redfin, or that list sales by owner houses and can give you an indication of pricing. Sites like Justia are also helpful if you are looking for a real estate attorney in New York.

Get A Cash Offer Without A Realtor

The current housing market is angled in favor of the seller. If you want to sell your house in Long Island, New York, a cash home buyer could help you get a fair value for your property and turn around your house sale quickly. Cash home buyers are ideal if you want to sell a house soon and reduce closing costs. It’s also suitable if you are selling a property that needs to go in an as-is condition. 

Are you considering selling your house to a cash home buyer? Fill out the form on our site or give us a call for support and a quick quote for your property.